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good morning. early today firefighters rush to a house fire. we'll tell you why they say it's a fire that could have been prevented. the cable creating a mess of a major bay area road. it's going to take a while. find out how long before the entire road can be reopened. well, fog is working its way back. so that means it will be cooler today. how much cooler? san jose police are connecting two armed robberies this morning. and they need your help. we'll explain why coming up. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's thursday september 30th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here's steve.
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all right, pam and dave. good morning everyone. we have mostly clear skies. there are some areas of fog especially at the napa airport reported some. you know the fog's made it there. it's going to be cooler. you can feel it out there. it's about ten degrees cooler on the lows than it has been the past couple mornings. higher clouds will come in later on today from southern california. 60s, 70s coast and bay. 80s, a few and upper 80s low to mid-90s. starting off okay a little slow down here at the bay bridge toll plaza with no major delays getting into san francisco. little bit of overcast and fog have to deal with this morning after days of not having to deal with it. we also have a problem on highway 37 westbound right before highway 29 sonoma boulevard. that left lane is going to be closed for a while as they have to cut up some debris in the road. it's wire. spools of heavy metal wire being towed by a trailer came apart on the road. they still have to have the left lane closed for a while. this is a pretty busy commute. one lane open there are bound
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to be delays. that heavy wire is not going anywhere before it's cut with a saw. we hear it's going to be at least an hour maybe longer before they can get it out of here. more from the scene coming up. 6:02 back to the desk. all right. firefighters say a cigarette that was tossed away looks to be the blame for an overnight fire that damaged a small apartment building. this fire started around 3:00 a.m. on president drive between castro valley and san plan do. those flames spread from a back deck of a first floor unit. luckily no one was hurt but the building right now is uninhabitable. the person responsible for the fire will not be cited. police have now released surveillance photos of two terrifying attacks at an atm. ktvu's jade hernandez is in san jose with more about the attacks and suspects. >> reporter: good morning. two armed robberies took place at this chase bank location along east capitol bank. we noticed this morning you
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didn't have to swipe your card to get inside this atm vestibule. but police this morning have surveillance pictures of a man they say is responsible for both of those attacks. and they come from right inside of this atm. san jose police want you to look at these pictures taken from two different armed robberies because they believe the same man robbed the women. one attack took place saturday august 28th around 6:40 in the morning. the robber had a knife and placed his arm around the victim's neck while demanding money. he then ran away in a direction the woman didn't see. the second armed robbery took place earlier this month on thursday september 2nd. that attack and robbery happened after mid night. the robber knocked the victim to the ground and ran away. this woman didn't see the direction. but he wrapped the arm around the neck and took the money. we spoke to a man this morning who says he always pays attention to his surroundings when he gets out here.
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>> i always check my surroundings. unless i see a car close by i double check to make sure it's not somebody waiting for me to go to the bank or might stalk me. >> reporter: both robberies took place here at the chase bank atm vestibule located at 1705 east capitol expressway. it's in a shopping center and near a gym. police have a vague description of the man they're looking for this morning. he is african-american 5'10", 6- foot, wearing a black hoody and may have a mustache and dread locks. we want anyone who recognized the photo to call police immediately. ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:05. now a fifth person has been charged with posing as a victim of a san bruno pipeline explosion to illegally get money and aid. the 41-year-old falsely claimed he was a disaster victim to get free gift cards and hotel
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accommodations. now he entered a not guilty plea on tuesday. four other people have also been charged with impersonating the victims of that september 9th disaster. a mother in jail this morning accused of having sex with a minor. now she's 47-year-old sara cole. as she made headlines three years ago in a highly publicized accident a drunk driver almost killed her after running into her while she was unloading her son's bike from her car. the mother of four now faces three counts of having sex with a minor after surrendering yesterday to the authorities. detectives say evidence in the case was found in her computer files and in her phone records. fisher price is recalling more than ten million toys, tricycles and highchairs. children playing with the tricycles were hurt by a protruding plastic ignition key near the seat. the company is also recalling more than one million healthy care easy clean and close to me highchairs after children fell
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on pegs on the back. 100,000 little people wheellies stand and play toys are being recalled for potential choking hazard and several balls being recalled because the valves can come off and also create a choking hazard. we have more details about all of the recalls on our website at time now 6:06. two dogs that attacked a san jose mailman may be put down. their owner may be cited. neighbors heard screams in the 5,000 block of camden avenue yesterday morning. they called 911. investigators say a german shepherd and a pit bull mix crashed through a gate and attacked the mailman. neighbors say he was bitten on his arms, leg and foot. >> blood all over the place. he was sweating and shaking and he was scared. >> now officials say the pit bull mix had caused trouble back in 2006 and the owner agreed to keep that dog confined.
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those dogs will remain impounded until an investigation is completed. chp is looking for witnesses to a horrible highway crash in marin county. that happened last night on southbound highway 101. investigators say a woman was driving an suv when it somehow flipped over on freeway. she was thrown from her vehicle and may have been run over by a passing car. the unidentified woman was pronounced dead at the scene. a car crash is getting more expensive in san francisco. a controversial fee targeting drivers who cause traffic accidents will take effect in just about two weeks. drivers would be required to pay the city as much as $500 to clean up the crash scene. san francisco would be the first major california city to charge such a fee. time now 6:08. hey, sal, a big clean up mess in vallejo this morning. >> yeah. we're going to show you a live picture of it coming up dave and pam. and we have some unfortunately bad news. we also have bad news about the
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580 commute westbound. about the only good news is the injuries are minor, but a flipped over pickup truck and also another car. and traffic just completely slowing down now in livermore. not a good start for the 580 commute. people who drive this are used to these kind of things. but this is going to be even slower than you're used to. if you're a 5 80 driver give yourself extra ten or fifteen minutes. get on the road early to get past this. dave asked about 37. unfortunately it's going to be out there for another few hours they told us. 37 at -- is that guy bringing a lunch pail to work? it's going to be a while. they're setting up shop here. i'm joking. he's putting gas in the generator. westbound 37 coming up 29 left lane is closed as they cut up the thick steel cable that was dropped on to the roadway. they have to cut it all up and remove it before they can open the left lane. and if you're going to the bay bridge toll plaza we're getting
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a little bit of a back up now here. 6:09. here's steve. sal, thank you. good morning to you all. real quick i want to give a shout out to terra lynn yesterday she said thank you for the warm weather. we have a pool. it was a long cool summer. but the last few days if you have a pool it's been to your liking. it's warmed up. thick fog out there. sun and higher clouds come in later. 80s and 90s inland. kind of muggy. not as hot as yesterday. the sea breeze is there and the fog starting to work its way back. it will be cooler. everybody as we head towards friday, saturday especially sunday. sunday looks to be the coolest. clouds associated with a low there. that will start to spin in clouds later on. we have thick fog out there napa yesterday 90. 84 today. san francisco 73. 67 today walnut creek 100. we'll go 88 today. oakland 84. that was a little crazy
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yesterday. the oakland downtown said 79. the airport said 88. that's one of those what? so i split the difference. 84. just usually don't see that. san jose 95. go 84 today. temperatures come in a lot of high clouds towards santa clara valley as well. 62 to 61. overnight lows definitely running cooler today than they were yesterday. 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s from the valley all the way down to southern california. thunderstorm activity popping up. there is a little spin in the atmosphere in southern c california i don't think it will make it this far but the clouds will. thick fogs and give way to sunshine and then clouds start to filter in mainly south bay, santa clara. should be mostly sunny but more of a sea breeze today as the fog continues to work its way in. still warm inland but not as hot. and everybody cools down by the weekend. all right. sounds good. thank you, steve. 6:11 is the time. scandal for the u.s. military that could be as big as abuy
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ghraib. and why members of congress are rushing to get out of d.c. today and what they're leaving behind coming up as the morning news continues.
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good morning to you. welcome back. time now 6:14. the state officially canceled tonight's scheduled execution at san quentin. convicted killer was scheduled to die at 9:00 p.m.
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but yesterday the state decided that a flurry of court challenges made it impossible to carry out his death sentence before tomorrow. that is when california legally runs out of its supply of lethal drugs. that decision gives brown and other condemned inmates a reprieve until at least next year. that's when california will have a new governor and a new attorney general. governor schwarzenegger and legislative leaders may resume budget negotiations today. they have not met for the last two days after saying they had agreed on a budget framework last week and only need today hammer out details. the sticking point appears to be pension reform. today the state budget is a record 92 days late. and the state controller says he'll decide next week if he has to begin issuing ious. time now 6:15. on capitol hill lawmakers are going home now to campaign for re-election. but they're leaving without taking action on several key pieces of legislation. ktvu's allison burns is live in
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our washington d.c. newsroom with more on what they didn't get done before they left town. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to you dave. it is a race to the airport for members of congress who are wrapping up their work a week and a half earlier than planned so they can get back home and back on the campaign trail. democrats are fighting to keep control of congress. but they are leaving behind some unfinished business. there's still no answer to what will happen to those bush era tax cuts that expire at the end of this year. there's still no budget to fund the government including the wars in iraq and afghanistan. none of those promised food safety improvements. and no vote on healthier school lunch standards. political analyst nathan gonzalez says most americans are probably glad to see them head for the exit door. >> right now so skeptical with washington that there's nothing they could pass in the next couple days that could change
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the trajectory of the elections. >> reporter: scheduled to finish up in a lame duck session after the elections. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. an army war crimes investigation has uncovered allegations that a group of u.s. soldiers in afghanistan killed up to four afghan civilians for sport. the army released video with some of the soldiers allegedly involved in some of these incidents. the ring leader appears to be a staff sergeant according to one soldier says just liked to kill things. the army is scrambling to find dozens of photographs the soldiers took posing along side the corpses of their victims. there are concerns those photos if they come out could cause the same kind of uproar as the prison scandal in iraq. the san francisco federal judge who recently ruled that california's ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional now says he's stepping down
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from the bench. judge vaughn walker has been on the court for 20 years. he became chief judge of the court in northern california in 2004. he will be replaced as chief judge by district judge james weir. walker plans to return to private legal practice. we're still following the latest explosive allegation in the california governor's race. the former housekeeper for republican candidate meg whitman held this news conference yesterday along with her high profile attorney. nikki said meg whitman fired her last july when she asked whitman for help in getting an immigration attorney because she was here in this country illegally. miss diaz worked for meg whitman for nine years. >> and then i said, meg, please, can you help me? she was very upset and said, no. and you don't know me.
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and i have never seen you. and you have never seen me she yelled. understand me? >> now her attorney says whitman knew her housekeeper was in this country illegally. whitman however insists she had no idea. >> she represented herself with documents as legal to work in this country. we had no reason to suspect otherwise. none at all. and we were shocked when she came to us in june of 2009 and said i'm not here legally. you could hilt hit me over with a feather. >> she says she hired diaz through an employment agency. we've posted extended excerpts from diaz as well as from whitman on our channel 2 website at you'll find them and all of the latest political news on the election 2010 tab. right now we want to go
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back over to sal because there have been quite a few problems this morning on the commute. >> that's pretty busy out there in many areas. we are going to start in san francisco. word of a possible water main break at mission and rannal which is where mission hooks up with san jose avenue. a short little block there. it is actually where the water department is responding with emergency crews. this could effect the 14 and the 49 there the mission lines and also have traffic in a mess. we'll keep following that for you. i want to also mention that we're going back to the east bay where 580 westbound as you come up on hacienda still have right lane closed. it's a huge back up on 580 this morning coming in from the livermore valley and getting out toward castro valley. this morning give yourself plenty of time. you can see the road sensors showing speeds less than ten miles an hour. that's terrible. live pictures now. traffic is going to be slow on 37 westbound as you get up to
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the 29 exit. this is because of some steel cable that was cut -- that was dropped on the roadway. they're having to cut it up before they can move it. they told us it's going to be another two hours before they can have this lane opened. finally at the toll plaza this morning traffic is a little bit slow. a couple of cars slowing down the pay here and cash lanes no major problems. at 6:20 here's steve. all right, sal, thank you. for those of you maybe inland you commute into the city or anywhere near the coast or even to oakland you're going to notice a big difference in temperatures. in fact we'll see some 60s in san francisco today. two days ago they were in the 90s. now it will still be hot inland but not as hot as the past couple days. and higher clouds right there starting to creep up from southern california. also move into the picture by late morning and early afternoon. so combination of some fog. 60s, 70s, still 90s inland. just got a tweet sp weather by the way. when will it come down in vacaville? it will be cooler today but still hot. by the weekend even areas to
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the sacramento valley will cool down. 67 for san francisco today. 4 sonoma county airport. how about that? and fog same for the napa airport. low 6 0z livermore, concord and san jose. low off santa barbara, santa maria. that's moving northward. that could give us a lot of high based clouds and little more in the way of cloud cover today. keep an eye on that. thick fog, sunny for a while. then high clouds roll in here. i don't think we'll see thundershowers out of this. maybe in the san joaquin valley or sacramento county. lightning strikes over the last 24 hours. but for us clouds cooler. take that into more fog on friday. big cool down by the weekend. pam and dave. thank you, steve. starting next week johnson and johnson will start shipping over-the-counter children medications again. products like tylenol, benadryl d motrin recalled last april for the possible presence of small pieces of metal or bacterial con damnation. the following month production was shut down at the plant where the products were being
6:23 am
made. the products being shipped now are made in canada. a new online poll indicates most american workers don't take a lunch break. the poll shows 47% of those responding say they almost always take time out for lunch. but one in five say they usually eat at their desk. 19% say they take lunch just occasionally. and 13% say they seldom if ever take lunch breaks. men and younger workers are most likely to take time out for lunch. >> men. >> take time out for lunch. still ahead talking about the price of safety. the new more expensive technology that may soon be required in some bay area homes and why some say this is a small price to pay. plus the action taken on capitol hill to make the high school football field safer.
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welcome back. time now 6:26. congress voted to establish strict new federal guidelines to make school sports safer. now they spell out several new safety rules when responding to a student athlete who suffered a concussion or other serious head injuries. those rules include several medical exams and longer waiting periods before an athlete can play again. fire officials want to swap
6:27 am
out smoke detectors in as many homes as they can by requiring a new type of smoke alarm. if it happens palo alto will become the second area to enact such an ordinance. the palo alto fire department wants to make it mandatory for homes and remodels to come equipped with a new type of smoke detector. a photo electric type, saying it can save lives. >> a photo electric uses a small beam of light that look for reflections off of visible smoke particles in the air. it's looking at smoke the way human beings look at smoke. can i see it? >> they cost more. about $15 compared to $10 for the other alarms. and palo alto's fire marshal says developers have been hesitant to install them because of the increased cost. the city council is expected to consider the proposal in november. time now 6:27. fisher price makes toys that are in almost every toy box in america. now millions of their products are being recalled because there's said to be dangerous to
6:28 am
the children who play with them. >> reporter: some frightening moments on a bay area freeway this morning. we'll tell you what was in the road that led to a multiple car accident and we'll talk about the amazing noninjuries that we found out here. also a lack of confidence may be to blame for some selling not just of wall street but europe as well. live to new york for the opening bell and pam will have all the numbers.
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welcome back. right on time. opening bell in new york this morning. probably recognize the red haired guy there on the stock exchange. >> i've seen him before. >> that's ronald mcdonald ringing the bell this morning. their mcdonald's management team meeting. and of course mcdonald's
6:31 am
putting out more of a wholesome image, trying to, because they've been the target of the opposite i would say. any way mcdonald's part of the dow jones index. right now you can see a nice response to good numbers coming out this morning on the jobs market. dow jones up 33 points. lower part of your screen there. we'll talk about why in just a little bit. >> all right. we'll smile now and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news thursday september 30th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. just a few hoursing a fisher price announced the largest toy recall of the year. the company is recalling more than ten million products. ktvu's kraig debro is at wal- mart in oakland this morning with the details. >> reporter: good morning. we're here because wal-mart is the world's largest retailer. we called wal-mart to see how they're going to handle this recall. didn't get a call back yet. i wanted to show you something. first the maker of these products, mattel, says the
6:32 am
number of injuries reported and problems reported are relatively low. actually say that explicitly but if you look to the number of complaints it's realtively low. let's take a look at one of the products we're talking about here. this is the toddler tricycles involved in the recall. i want to show you this because this is kind of what one looks like. the problems with these fake ignition keys. this is one of the types of ignition keys here described as a disk shaped key. this is described as a d shape key. both of those have had reported problems. but i wanted to show you the other kind ofignition key here. that flattened d shape key is not involved in this voluntary recall. nor the exploring barbie two popular types of tricycle we're talking about here. they say that ignition key kids can sit on it or fall on it and lead to injuries. commission said the consumer product safety commission has said even genital bleeding. fisher price ten reports of
6:33 am
incidents resulting in six of the injuries requiring medical attention after kids fell on that protruding disk or d shape pretend key. let's take a look at the full screen we have just to give you a round up of what we're talking about here. ten million tricycles, toys and highchairs. safety concerns there. seven million of these fisher price toddler tough tricycles. that's the name. and a million healthy care easy clean and close to me highchairs. then another 2-point million baby playground toys. a whole host of those. after i'm done here we're going to get some information about how to go to our website and how to look exactly what toys and model numbers. now speaking of the recall one million easy care what i was just talking about a second ago the easy care highchair 14 reports of problems, seven children required stitches. consumer product safety commission in conjunction with mattel is organizing this
6:34 am
recall. they're praising mattel for doing it but say the company should catch mistakes before the products even get on the market. my next report i'm going to be trying to talk to some parents out here perhaps bought these toys before. there's another question out there that is what do you do if you already have one at home? the recall seems to only effect the things in stores right now. we'll be looking at that as well. live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. kraig. in the meantime we have more details about the products included in the recall on our website as well. go to time now 6:34. fire crews still on the scene of an overever overnight fire in downtown sacramento caused major damage to a music studio owned by at tesla. nobody was hurt but some of the band's memorabilia was destroyed in the fire. investigators still don't know how the fire began. the group had several hits in the mid-1980s. an icon of the movies just
6:35 am
died. actor tony curtis, son of a tailor, grew up with the name bernny schwartz. grew up to star in movies like some like it hot and smart cushion. he died in his home near las vegas last night. he was nominated for an academy award only one time for the role in the movie the defiant ones opposite sidney. he was married five times, had six children including well- known actress jamie lee curtis. tony curtis died of a heart attack at the age of 85. efforts underway at this hour to clear the lanes of highway 37 after a series of accidents. claudine wong is there on the scene. she's been there all morning long. how does it look, claudine. >> reporter: they're making good progress out here on highway 37 at that has really try to get things back to normal out here. you can see behind me the crews hard at work. they belong to the contracting and engineering company that this belonged to.
6:36 am
you can see them trying to cut up this heavy cable into small pieces so they can load it up and take it away. that is a laborious process. it's taking some time. here's what happened this morning. they've been out here for about three hours now. 3:45 this morning. a chuck carrying all this cable on a trailer behind it he felt his trailer start to shift, the cable fell into the middle of the road and then a series of accidents as one by one vehicles hit that cable, very heavy cable. they actually saw a big rig in the foreground there that actually is so torn up they're going to have to tow that away. then car after car also hit this cable. we did talk to one man whose car flipped when it all happened. and here's what he says happened. >> the big rig lights were flashing. so i was looking ahead to see what was going on. little did i know i already hit the whatever it was, it was like a big block of wire. as soon as i hit it i flipped.
6:37 am
>> reporter: you were wearing your seat belt? >> yeah. i was wearing my seat belt. i thought i was dead. >> luckily he came out uninjured. complaint of pain to his elbow but that's about it. he declined transportation. there were no visible injuries. >> reporter: remarkably of the four vehicles that hit this cable no one was hurt. that's pretty amazing given the scene out here. what you're taking a live look is highway 37. they have opened one lane of traffic but you can see things are backed up. we can't see how far they're backed up but it's been pretty slow for a while people trying to get through here. how long will this all take to clean up? they were hoping another hour they would have things back open and ready to go. it looks like they're making very quick work but again it's a mess out here to try to clean this up. we'll continue to monitor the situation. we know sal is also monitoring your alternate ways around this area. again, it's highway 37 and 29. sal, what advice do you have?
6:38 am
>> one of the things they do have as you know claudine, they do have a little bit of a detour or had a detour set up. there's a frontage road that runs by there. my best advice is just to leave early because as claudine showed you there is one lane open meaning traffic is funneling down into it. leave the house early, suck it up and sit in the back up for a while and then get past it. obviously if you can get onto 37 after 29 that would be the best thing. let's take a look at the bay bridge. it's backed up as you pass880. turned metering lights on no problems on the bridge. at least a 15 minute wait now before you make it to the bridge. also this morning we're looking at 237 some stop and go traffic here already crossing 880. nothing major but it's beginning to slow down. 580 is a mess. it is really slow because of a crash at hacienda. minor injuries. however an overturned vehicle. the fire department is there. still checking out out on the
6:39 am
shoulder. traffic is still going to be slow all the way back. road sensors showing traffic at less than ten miles an hour. very good morning to you all. i have to say it's about ten to one. the e-mails and tweets saying where's the cooler weather. people like the cooler weather more than the heat. but those waiting for a long time for the warmer weather things will break today. it will be warm inland but not as hot as past couple days. higher clouds inches closer coming up from southern california wrapping around a low around l.a. this is more likely for the santa clara valley, sacramento valley. it will be closer. this has produced a few lightning strikes in southern california over the last 24 hours. the fog all the way up and down the coast. hit and miss last couple days. thick fog in spots. mostly sunny in the morning. then low and high clouds still warm.
6:40 am
higher clouds coming up because they're tropical in nature. inland still have 90s the humidity goes up. cooler coast and bay. watch right there that leading edge of that bands getting closer. that's up more towards the valley. it's close enough i have to mention. 60s, 70s, upper 80s and low to mid-90s inland. that's why i say fair. 54 san francisco. high of 67. so from 92 to 73 to 67 last three days. big drop. walnut creek will still be warm to hot but not as hot as it was yesterday when it was 100. 60, 70 and a high of 88. 48 santa rosa. sonoma county airport. lows running seven to ten degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. 50s in the valley or 60s and 70s due to cloud cover. there's the low as it moves north we'll keep an eye on the sky. if you're in the north bay won't matter. south bay it will. thick fog gives way to sunshine. then increase higher clouds. 60s 70s by the beaches. 70s, 80s around the bay and
6:41 am
upper 80s low to mid-90s inland. much cooler into the weekend. thank you, steve. a child care worker once employed by the city of san rafael has been arrested after he was found in the bedroom of a 12-year-old girl. police say the 20-year-old of novato was booked on suspicions of lewd acts with a child. the mother discovered him lying around the girl's bed around 3:00 yesterday morning and recognized him. he worked at the elementary school where the girl was several years ago. the 6-year-old girl who was hit by gunfire inside her east oakland home could soon be released from the hospital. a stray bullet went through leslie's arm and into her chest after police say at least two gunmen opened fire on her family's home on tuesday. family members believe the girl's older brother was the
6:42 am
intended target. a reward has grown to $10,000. we'll tell you about a tragedy on a college campus, the alleged invasion of privacy investigators say may have cost a student his life. good morning. right now traffic is moving okay on the san mateo bridge and the don barton bridge. more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some stories we're following for you right now at 6:44 another person charged now with posing as a victim of the san bruno pipeline explosion to illegally get money and disaster aid. investigators say 41-year-old daniel of lost gatos falsely claid he was a disaster victim in order to get free gift cards and hotel accommodations. it's now been a week, one week, since crews started the major demolition and repair work in the disaster zone in san bruno as we look at the live pictures of the scene out there right now. there are big concerns that toxins from all of this debris could cause public health problems. eight people are now confirmed dead in the pipeline disaster from four weeks ago. and a mother is in jail this morning accused of having sex with a minor. the 47-year-old made headlines three years ago when she was seriously injured by a drunk
6:46 am
driver. federal prosecutors released a video of an f.b.i. test showing what might have happened in may if the time square car bomb had exploded. the tests used the same materials that 30-year-old used in his failed bombing attempt. he has pleaded guilty in the case and could be sentenced to life in prison next week. he said he wanted to "join my brothers in gee laud ever since the september 11 attacks." mexico made more arrests in its crack down on drug cartels. 30 members of the gulf cartel were paraded before cameras in mexico city along with a large arsenal of weapons. the arrests came after two days of raids in cities near the u.s. border. mexico has recently been making regular high profile cartel arrests and report crime related killings there are down. our time now 6:46. the whole east coast is bracing
6:47 am
now for what's left of tropical storm nicole. this morning flood waters -- warnings are in effect for parts of the carolinas and southeast virginia. flood watch advisories are in effect for areas of new york, vermont and new hampshire. earlier the storm created death and destruction and a lot of misery in jamaica. at least two people are dead, 12 others are missing after the powerful storm caused massive flooding and mud slides. in new jersey police say a secret sex video apparently caused a rutgers university freshman to take his own life. his family says he jumped off a bridge last week after finding out that a recording of him having sex with another man was broadcast online. his roommate and another classmate have been charged with invasion of privacy. investigators say they used a web cam to secretly broadcast what was happening between the two young men.
6:48 am
if convicted both of the suspects could get five years in prison. a memorial service will be held tomorrow for a 13-year-old boy who took his life after reportedly enduring gay taunts. his name was seth walsh. he died on tuesday, nine days after investigators say he hanged himself from a tree. police questioned several students who allegedly bullied the young man but concluded no crime was committed. a new law is now on the books designed to protect the privacy of california drivers who use fast track. the governor has signed a bill prohibiting transportation agencies from selling or sharing a driver's personal information. those agencies will also have to purge information when it's no longer needed for billing or law enforcement purposes. the bill's author is democratic senator of palo alto. time now 6:48. we have the big alert in vallejo this morning. >> we still have a lane closed.
6:49 am
about 45 minutes ago they said it would take two hours to clear. they are making quick progress. it may not take them quite two hours. and maybe that's just hopeful thinking on my part but they are working quickly here on 37. this is a live picture. the left lane is closed just before sonoma boulevard. again, this is coming from marin and heading over to vallejo on 37. so there is the sign right here napa boulevard -- sonoma boulevard highway 29 there. this is about maybe a quarter mile before the exit. give yourself plenty of time there. move along and take a look at the toll plaza. we are looking kind of full here. not completely full. i would say it's three quarters full. about a 15 minute wait heading into san francisco. no problems on the upper deck. 580 continues to be the ugly commute of the morning. crash in the clearing stages traffic still very slow on 580 coming in. now here's steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning to you. look at this.
6:50 am
for those of you where's the fog? there it is. it's lifted higher today. that means cooler coast and bay side by a good ten or 20 degrees for some. the coast came down yesterday but they'll continue their downward trend. even if you're inland you can feel it. it's not as warm this morning as it has been. start off mostly sunny are also unless you have the fog. temperatures today starting to come down. with the higher clouds inland if you're out away from the coast hot and muggy but not as hot as yesterday. case and point 100 yesterday, walnut creek, 88 today. if you commute in areas 90s or 100s commute in the city that's a good 30-35-degree spread. san jose 84. temperatures in the north bay coming down. napa airport has a south wind. that's a sure sign of cooler right there. 48 in santa rosa. haven't seen that in a while either. 50s and 60s for some. after the sunshine late morning early afternoon especially santa clara valley keep an eye
6:51 am
on as temperatures start to get higher clouds coming in. muggy if you're away from the coast. but if you're by the coast or bay side there's a noticeable sea breeze there. 60s, 70s and fog is lifting. 70s, 80s and you happenner 80s to low and mid-90s. morganhill, gill roy watch for the clouds later on. more fog, breezy, much cooler as we head towards the weekend. thank you, steve. the labor department has better than expected news this morning. 453,000 people filed for first time jobless benefits last week. that is down 16,000 from the week before. it's also better than economists had predicted. there's still more than four million people though collecting unemployment. let's check in on wall street though see how traders and investors are sifting through this morning's data. also the revised latest gdp numbers not bad. that is edging things higher. the dow jones you can see a live look at the big board up
6:52 am
about 88 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also up almost a percent. and european markets actually turned around as well on our news this morning. time now 6:51. we'll have the latest on what's happening with the alert in vallejo and all the news still ahead for you. plus we have the reason one south bay school district is shutting down for an entire week.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
time now 6:54. see what's coming up on mornings on 2. >> good morning. coming up in minutes we'll be live in vallejo where a truck lost its load of thick cables on highway 29 overnight. why it's taking so long to clean up and how it's impacting traffic. fisher price is recalling more than ten million toys, tricycles and highchairs. why so many items are involved and parents' reaction in a live report. and is mcdonald's going to drop health insurance for 30,000 workers because of health care reform? the fast food giant and federal government is saying about that this morning. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2. now back to you on the morning news. tori, thank you. time now 5:55. next week classrooms will be empty throughout the san jose school district because of a week long furlough. starting next monday october 4th teachers and students will have to take the week off
6:56 am
because of the budget crisis. the district lost $43 million in funding from the state. however the week long furlough's only expected to save about $5 million. there may be more painful cuts ahead. a new report card on water quality at california beaches shows an improvement at most beaches but there are five in northern california getting bad grades. the nonprofit group heel of the bay singled out baker beach in san francisco, aquatic park and lake shore park in san mateo county and in santa cruz county. heal the bay tests water between memorial day and labor day. we have a full report on the beaches on our website at just click on web links. sal has the latest on the vallejo alert and everything else. >> last time i misspoke. i said westbound which is correct but then i said it was
6:57 am
going from mar into vallejo. it's actually from vallejo toward marin. i got them mixed up there. the left lane is closed as they clean up this debris. they're doing a good job. claudine wong is there to tell you what happened. kind of a dramatic story. we'll find out about it in just a few minutes. the left lane remains closed westbound 37 just before highway 29. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. that is backed up for about a 15 minute delay. and this morning again we keep talking about it westbound 580 it's very slow because of an earlier crash near hacienda. now let's go back to the desk. we have some fog coming back. it's lifting and going to be cooler for almost everybody today. even well inland even though it's in the 90s temperatures will come down compared to yesterday. we have higher clouds might get closer later on. you can see those on live storm tracker 2. i'll talk about those in about seven minutes and see how that plays into our forecast. back to pam and dave. all right. a belmont family suing the state because their daughter was hurt by a fallen oak tree.
6:58 am
they were camping with their 3- year-old daughter last year when that tree fell on their tent. they say it landed on their daughter's head and left her with permanent brain damage. they're claiming that state park officials should have removed that tree from such a high use area because it was diseased and rotting. well, police need your help to track down a man who robbed two women at knife point. now we have obtained surveillance photos of the attack. we're going to have more on the suspect and those attacks next. stay with us.
6:59 am
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